Z-Man CrusteaZ 2
Z-Man CrusteaZ 2

Z-Man CrusteaZ 2" 6pk

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Crustaceans are a popular food source for many species, in fact everything eats a prawn. ZMan has you covered for shrimp / prawn imitations, crab profiles and creature baits. ZMan's range of crustaceans can be rigged on a TT Lures jighead for fishing more open water, unweighted on a TT ChinlockZ for skipping across the surface or weedless on a TT ChinlockZ SWS or Snake Head for fishing deep in the snags and weeds where crustaceans are often found hiding from predators. ZMan have taken the crustacean profile to the next level, offering the benefits of their ElaZtech material, which include 10X Tough construction - so your plastics stand up to aggressive strikes, pickers and toothy critters, super-soft and flexible realistic feel - so the fish keep biting and hold on longer and the material is buoyant - for a tail up / claws up action and natural feeding / defensive pose when at rest on the bottom. All of these benefits equal more fish for you the angler. Fish on!?