Alvey Reel Stealth 65S
Alvey Reel Stealth 65S
Alvey Reel Stealth 65S

Alvey Reel Stealth 65S

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A True Game Changer…….

Weight: the Stealth reel is some 300 gms lighter than the current vented drag reel. It is made from the lightest but strongest material available in the world. Our current tests to destruction failed on this reel as it is so strong.

The reel runs on a grade 5 Titanium spindle with a CNC machined stainless steel friction tube – again indestructible. Handle screws are also Titanium and attached to a Carbon Fibre CNC machined handle plate, super light and super strong.

The drag wheel is also made from the same super strong light material the rest of the reel is made from. The drag wheel compresses a pile of laser cut stainless steel clutch washers interleaved with Carbontex washers to give ultra-smooth and powerful drag action.

Drag pressure comparable to the usual 65 series if not better but with a smoother action.

Match this reel with a lightweight surf rod probably 3.6 m+ (12 ft) and you will have the comfort of a powerful light outfit to catch and handle large fish.